The 1st Salmat-yar  School Congress was held February 28, 2019  in the second educational district of Tehran. As the promotion of healthcare culture and expand the awareness about NCDs and common risk factors among public specially children and students is a key strategy of Iranian NCD Alliance, this health-oriented NGO in partnership with teachers and parents community of Kashefi 1 elementary school held the 1ST   special NCD conference for students and their parents called” Salamatyar School”.

The congress began after Ms. Parastoo Khodadi the headmaster of Kashefi1 elementary school gave the audience a report about the achievements of her school in the health related issues. The next speaker of the congress was Dr. Kamran Nikousokhan scientific secretary of INCDA and the head of Iranian Diabetes Association. Dr. Nikousokhan introduced NCDs and 5 common risk factors  with an intimated statement which addressed the students  presented in the hall. The statements of . Dr. Nikousokhan met the positive reaction of the audience.Also he introduced Enough Campaign and declared INCDA joined this international campaign to beat NCDs.  After him Ms. Maryam Rajab,  nutritionist and the member of Iranian Diabetes Association talked about the importance of breakfast meal in healthy eating for children.

Since the main audience of the congress was elementary students, training messages like engorging to be more physically active or eating healthy food was presented in the form of interesting contests and  cheerful music.

The final speaker of the congress was Dr. Abazar Ashtari who talked about the smoking as the risk factor for Non-Communicable Diseases.

At the end of the congress the winners of art competition who painted about NCDs were selected and awarded.  

On the sideline of the ceremony, blood pressure and blood glucose screening was considered.    

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